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I am a journalist currently specializing in technology and culture. My award-winning show, Spark, airs across Canada on CBC Radio One, and internationally as a podcast. I also have a strong interest in topics ranging from philosophy, to arts and pop culture, to the NBA.

My indie podcast, The Sniffer, is about trends in media, arts and technology, with my friend, Cathi Bond.

My book, The Virtual Self, is now available as a paperback, ebook, or hardback.

If you’d like to contact me about CBC-related matters, I can be reached at firstname [dot] lastname [at] cbc [dot] ca

To inquire about speaking engagements, please contact Speakers’ Spotlight. They’re great!

You can find out more about the topics I speak about here, and more about my approach to speaking engagements here.

For other matters, or just to say hi, you can find me on Twitter, where I am nora3000


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  • Aviv says:

    I’m an Israeli old student.
    I found your book online, liked it for the way of speech, and would like to present it in my PIM seminar.
    My work is due on the June 17, and I’m required to inform my professor of my preferred topic by tomorrow.
    I could not find it in libraries or as an ebook.
    can you please let me know where I can find it by the ISBN or in any academic referral?
    Thank you,

  • Nora says:

    Hi! ISBN is 9 780771 070648. Should also be available as sn ebook at amazon.Thanks!

  • Mike says:

    Hi Nora. My names Mike, I’m 28, and for the last 12 years I have been struggling with PTSD.

    About 4 or 5 months ago I read your book “the Virtual self”, and I appreciated your approach to how technology affects culture, and how we insert ourselves online, particularly, how we can do it in a mindful way.

    I’m writing this because I feel like what I’ve been doing would be of interest to you. I have started a blog – – where I basically chart my journey from a state of trauma induced dissociation, to one of integration, within myself and within social relationships.

    To just give you a quick idea of myself. I have not worked in 12 years. I have been at home, supported by my parents (great parents). My trauma was the result of complex interactions between my moms major depression, and being bullied at school by a kid who likely dealt with sociopathy. Anyways. I am a poster-child of what bullying experienced at a young age – 13 – can do to the bodies nervous system, the personality who develops around (or within) it, and what kind of burden bullying can cause for society i.e; I receive social assistance from the ontario government.

    My journey has begun a few weeks back, when I started the blog. It is the culmination of many years of self educating. I have delved into the trauma literature and have discovered a bustling field that can truly change how we understand mental illness.

    Another reason why I think this might be of interest to you is because of your frequent emphasis on the body in your book. I think both you and I have a very strong connection here – because trauma research has shown that the only way to heal from emotional trauma is to go into the body, into the bodies autonomic processes – a function called interoception by psychologists – and regulate body affect from there.

    Yoga and Tai Chi have been indispensible resources for me. I could have never known how right people were, years back, when they spoke about the “wisdom of the body”. My dream and hope is to one day change the educational system that allowed me to go unnoticed, for so many years, without being recognized for what I was dealing with. My trauma happened within a classroom environment. The kid who did it, and the kids who stood by, were barely admonished by the teacher.

    I invite you to read my blog, and hopefully, to promote it. I believe the way to eliminate bullying involves more than just “educating” kids to be more compassionate. Rather, and you probably recognize this, compassionate awareness doesn’t emerge in a vacuum: there needs to be an environment from which these feelings can emerge and properly represented in the mind. Interoception, or somatic mindfulness, is the way to do this. Before each class, students from jk to grade 12, should engage in a quiet period of guided meditation, through their bodies. As the children age, we can make it a little more complicated; daniel siegels “wheel of awareness” will no doubt be a useful tool, to help growing kids differentiate the various types of experience people have.

    I believe such a practice will conduce to increasing awareness of another persons emotional, subjective experience.

  • Nora says:

    Hi Mike,

    Thank you for reading the book. I absolutely agree with you about the importance of the body. I think as a culture, we are quite body-focused in the “gym body” sense, but not in the body as a source of self-knowledge and healing.

  • evf says:

    Your voice is absolutely fantastic for the radio. If you spent a significant amount of time culturing that voice (as I suspect), then congratulations to you – job well done. If not, then congratulations to your parents.

    In terms of content, I very much appreciate your presentation. You present the topic and information in a clear, concise manner. You do not engage in spurious chit chat and long drawn out personal anecdotes (as do FAR too many of your colleagues), and your questions are very well timed and intelligent.

    I’m very thankful that podcasts now make it easy for me to enjoy listening to your show without having to reorganise my life around production schedules.

    Keep those Sparks flying!

  • Nora says:

    Thanks so much for the kind words. Much appreciated, and thank you for listening to Spark!

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