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New Podcast: Trends in Agriculture and Info Flows

My podcasting pal, Cathi Bond and I have a new episode out. This time, Cathi continues her fascination with the re-invention of agriculture by looking at an intriguing project she found on Kickstarter. I continue to have an unhealthy interest in how we are learning to manage the enormous amount of information that we now […]

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The Sniffer, Nov. 4th, 2011: Trends in Publishing and Cellie Use

What does a physical object mean in a digital age? Even as many of us embrace ebooks, convert our music libraries to mp3s, or stream movies online, we still seem to hunger for the tactile. It’s something we’ve talked about before, both on Spark (for instance, in this interview with Mark Paterson) and on my […]

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The Sniffer, Oct. 7th, 2011: Trends in Publishing and Niche Subscriptions

The latest episode of The Sniffer, my podcast with Cathi Bond, is up. This time we talk about the hard questions any author interested in self-publishing needs to ask, and I look at a couple of examples of niche subscription services as a way of selling scarce goods in a digital economy. You can listen […]

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