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Book Details: Launch, Tour and Such!

The Virtual Self cover


UPDATE: I’m very excited that the Third Tuesday Social Media series is bringing me to four of their upcoming events in cities around the country! Third Tuesday events bring together people – mostly in media, communications, and marketing, but also those just interested in social media – to meet up and stay on top of changes in the 21st century media landscape (and of course, socialize). Big thanks to Third Tuesday co-founder, Joseph Thornley for inviting me. I’ll be in Vancouver on June 19th, Calgary on June 20th (details to follow), in Toronto on June 25th, and in Ottawa on June 27th. Tickets include a copy of the book, and students can attend for free! Come get a free copy of the book, and say hi if you do!

I’ll also be at the fabulous Eden Mills Writers’ Festival on September 16th, Word on the Street Toronto on Sept 23rd, at the wonderful International Festival of Authors in Toronto in October, and LitFest, Edmonton’s unique non-fiction festival, Sept 28th and 29th (details to follow).


My first book, The Virtual Self, came out this week. I spoke at the Communitech Tech Leaders’ conference on the day it came out, and signed my first copies! Much as self-promotion makes me uncomfortable, I have to say, it’s pretty exciting!

The Virtual Self is about the growing phenomenon of ‘self-tracking’ – how we are increasingly documenting the everyday statistical details of our lives. We track where we go, how we move, what we think, feel, see, and do. It’s the era of Facebook Timeline, after all. The Virtual Self looks at why we do this: the historical roots of self-tracking and also what it is about the digital life that makes self-tracking so compelling. I also look at what that information can be used for in the aggregate, and why we need a different approach to privacy if all that data is to be used for good.

The official book launch is on Tuesday, April 24th, at the Dora Keogh, 141 Danforth, Toronto, starting at 6:30. Please come. I’m pretty sure we’ll have big fun! I’m thrilled that CBC’s Mike Wise has agreed to do an on-stage (or is that in-pub?) interview.

Here are some more events coming up:

*The Frye Festival in Moncton, NB, on Friday April 27th
*The Ottawa International Writers’ Festival on Sunday, April 29th
*The Women in Biz Network conference in Toronto on Friday June 1st
*The Thin Air Literary Festival in Winnipeg (my old stomping grounds)

It’s been a long road getting the book from grain-of-an-idea to the finish line. I’ve had tons of support and I’m hugely grateful for all the conversations on Twitter and elsewhere that have helped spread the word about the book. Plus, I plan on enjoying this while it lasts! I hope you’ll come and say hi if any of these events are in your town. OK this ends the self promotion. W00t!

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  • gee-ell says:

    Fantastic that you’ve published this book; I find it a fascinating topic. I just found this yesterday and downloaded the sample in iBook on the iPad. I will definitely download the full book and it will be the first book that I read in this format… Too bad you aren’t booking a west coast gig; you might consider the Sunshine Coast Festival of The Written Arts in August. Thanks for writing about this- my life would be very different without the connection that technology makes possible…

  • Nora says:

    Hi gee-ell, Thanks for your interest! I am going to be in Vancouver in June, if that’s any help. I plan on writing an updated post with more dates as soon as a few more things are finalized, but there are details on the Van gig here:

  • pibard says:

    Hey Nora,

    I’m reading, well, sort of devouring, your fascinating book. What has really riveted my attention is that there are not many (that I know of, anyway) who are so clearly and forthrightly drawing our focus to the nexus of cloud-tech and consciousness. For me, this is one of the most stimulating and, considering the impact of social-media-sourced activism, possibly one of the most important conversations going. So thank you for being such a timely, eloquent, insightful voice.

    But I wonder if the printed page will not prove ultimately inadequate to what you are trying to convey. Here’s a suggestion: Check out some of my stuff (, tune into your intuition and ask yourself if it might be interesting to spend an hour with me on Skype. What I have in mind is creating a next gen self-development app; not for monitoring, but for discovery. I’m envisioning something imaginative, creative, playful, alchemical rather than cartographical. I think you would be the ideal person to sketch this with; if there is juice and harmony in that experience we might, who knows, collaborate.

    This intersection of virtual (though real enough to me!) selfing and the evolution of our species is one of my primary interests. What I bring – or try to bring– to this dance is the ‘moves’ of creativity. So I’ve been exploring the aesthetic dimensions of web communication, attempting to bring through the frequencies emitted by screens and speakers something of the nameless. Trying to voice the vibe, you might say.

    Love your style BTW. It glides so effortlessly yet it’s not just skimming a surface. More like snorkeling, I suppose, seeing the hidden depths.

    Say yes.


  • Nora says:

    Hi Puran,

    Thanks for the kind words and request for comments. I’ll follow up with you. Best, Nora

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