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Life in the Perpetual Future

I saw this cool post at New Scientist, suggesting that we no longer have a clear sense of when “The Future” is, in the way that we once would have said ‘the year 2000’ or ‘the 21st century’.

I wonder whether it’s actually that we now live in a time of perpetual almostfuture. In the way that we have ennui about technological innovation, and lack surprise, hope and delight about the future. We seem perpetually not in the present, always in the almost tomorrow.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Yup, that’s a good way of putting it, Nora.

    There must’ve been a time, say around the time of the first airplanes, when folks who looked up at that first airplane buzzing overhead were amazed not only by this bit of new technology but by the idea of technology itself.This wasn’t just something new, it was a whole new order of newness. Maybe the idea of “the future” was born then too, and could be looked forward to because it had yet to have a past/history strewn with unintendeded consequences to colour the optimism. We’re not that nor them anymore, for better or worse…


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