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Just participated in a panel on how the Web is changing the way we use media, and in particular, how social media is changing our relationship to media. Part of the MESH ’07 conference. Interesting co-panelists: Mark Federman, who I have interviewed before for my CBC column, and who brought a very refreshing McLuhanite perspective to the table, and Mark Schneider, veteran journalist who now works with Now Public, who made a great analogy off the top about how we’re engaged in a huge engineering project (ie the Internet) and we haven’t done an ‘environmental impact’ study, just by way of, not opposing it obviously, but stepping back and considering its effects.

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  • Michael says:

    Nora, thanks for coming to Mesh. I enjoyed listening to the panel.
    Not sure we need to take a step back, as Mark suggested, but it certainly was a salient observation.

  • Nora 3000 says:

    Really enjoyed my time there. I wish I could have enmeshed myself in Mesh a bit more, but deadlines interfered. Thanks for dropping by.

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