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p*dcasting 101

So, according to Wired’s listening post blog, Apple has issued a cease and desist order to the folks behind the Podcast Ready and Mypodder trademark applications. Looking at the letter, it seems likely that part of the issue is the company’s ability to offer software that will let you play files on your iPod that you have acquired through their software, ie, not through iTunes. Presumably, Apple is not so blinded by their proprietary mania that they would take this litigiousness beyond ‘p*d’-related goods and services companies and on to actual podcasters, but as the latest in Apple’s line of excessively proprietary relationship to digital media, well…

Insert anti-Apple outrage here.

From a quick perusal at technorati, it seems like possible responses from the podcasting community include adopting a generic term such as netcasting, or adopting a term of one of Apple’s competitors, such as the Zencast.

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  • Bob says:

    This just in: The place where you get your peas from now to be called pea-receptacle after Apple threatens to sue legume.

    How can a company get so much, but at the same time NOT get some things SO BADLY?!

  • Nora3000 says:

    Ha! Funny.

    Yeah, I find it a surprising move on their part. Apparently the legal argument partly turns on the fact that companies have to be seen to defend their trademarks, otherwise they can be scooped up, but–come on–“podcast ready”? That’s outrageous.

    It’s kind of a last straw moment for me, actually. Thanks for visiting!

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