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Calendar Girl

The other day, I was going on and on at our podcast

about how sick to death I am of Web 2.0. Admittedly, here I am with my blog and my podcast complaining about the wankistry of so many of the ‘hot’ new web 2.0 sites, but the obsessive connecting and sharing seems tedious, pointless, and self-indulgent. Not to mention in some way cowardly, meeting people that you can disconnect from so easily

Then yesterday, I started using Google’s new calendar service,

which has the following values:
*natural language processing, so you can ‘jot’ notes much as you would in a paper book.
*ability to make more detailed notes vs. shorthand.
*ability to share your calendar with co-workers, partners etc., and share differentially, so I can have one calendar which is entirely ‘open’ to whoever I want to share it with, or partially open, where people can see that you are ‘busy’ or ‘free’ but not what you’re doing.
*ability to interface with other functions, like automatically emailing people you want to invite to a function (like evites) or enter an address and click to connect you to Google maps to figure out where you’re going.

So, unlike a lot of web 2.0 functions that I find tedious, it’s useful. A set of practical tools for practical ends.

Why am I so suspicious of Web 2.0 used for self-expression?

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