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Tom Waits For No Man

Tom Waits, God love him, is suing a German ad agency and the German wing of General Motors for allegedly using a soundalike, according to cnn:

He cites his personal policy of not appearing in ads. You’d think the ad agency would remember that he already did this with Dentyne, and that, since they already asked him to do it, they might imagine that he’d be on the lookout. Maybe, in a nostalgic pre-Web reverie, they thought he’d never find out, since they’re all the way over in Germany! What I love about this story is that the grounds are that it’s a violation of his ‘personality rights’. Also, I have been thinking for awhile now that my response to objectionable personal requests (telemarketing, requests for personal information in retail transactions, excessive bureaucracy) should just be to say “Sorry, that’s against my policy. My hands are tied. Yes, that’s right. There’s nothing I can do. It’s against policy.”

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