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Speak Truth To Power?

I have to say, I never really got the whole Kanye West ‘thing’, you know, with that whole “Jesus Walks” vibe. Even after listening to Common’s “Be” album, produced by West, (which I really like) he just didn’t seem that interesting to me. After reading about his off the cuff remarks,1,17294,00.html?fdnews
at the live Katrina fundraising telethon, I have to revise my opinion. Maybe in the world of spin, coy promotion, and managed news in mass media (and, increasingly, online) just actually saying what you think…hell, just saying something that hasn’t been scripted…is about as rebellious (maybe even brave…?) as it can gets. You can watch the moment at in their viral videos section. I love the way he understands his own complicity in the whole media management of a human tragedy. I love the power when he starts to speak about ‘we’ not ‘they’.

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