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Double Indemnity

I’m reading Jose Saramago’s The Double, mostly to feed my obsession with doppelgangers and shadow selves.

It got pretty mixed reviews, actually, but I love the way he writes–unrestrained by quotation marks or much of any punctuation at all, really. It gives his writing this really immediate quality, as though it’s all taking place inside my own head. He’s also hilarious. At one point early on, he talks about the main character having “the wrath of the meek,” and says that it inspires ‘real fear’. “That is why the fervent bedtime prayer of many people is not the ubiquitous Lord’s Prayer or the perennial Ave Maria, but Deliver us, O Lord, from evil and, in particular, from the wrath of the meek.” Hilarious! I laughed out loud when I read that (I suppose because I have the wrath of the meek), but then again, it doesn’t take too much for something to stand out as hilarious on a picket line. I’m lucky no one brings a banana peel to the line. I might be tempted to slip on it myself.

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