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Trolling for a good Time

Interesting art project going on in Toronto right now. This collective from France called AWP is doing a residency at the Mercer Union. They conduct interventions (in non-artspeak you could just say, uh, ‘trips’) to various neglected parts of the city. So, they will do night time trips to Cherry Beach, or to The Brickworks. Sometimes their work involves performances, multimedia events etc. The idea is to ‘reclaim the relationship to the city’, so rather than going where you’re told to, where the standard paths of transportation lead us, to assert our ability to go wherever we want to in the city.

The only bad part I can see is the name of the residency, Toronto Trolls. What? I mean, I know they speak French and all, but were the Canadians too polite to tell them that name sucks?

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