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Life is Random?

That new i-Pod slogan. life is random, bothers me. I mean, from a political, spiritual, or intellectual p.o.v., who wants to believe life is random? Much more intriguing that sense of life as mysterious, ineffable connectivity, like we see in that recent movie “Crash”. The other thing is, is it really true that the cultural shift we put down, metaphorically, to the i-Pod really values randomness? I was talking to a music critic recently, who talked about the way the very ability of music downloads to offer us a range of music from all over, actually cries out for some kind of organizing principle around it. Maybe this is why people pay others to program their i-Pods. It’s not that they’re stupid, or uninterested in music, but rather that the shaping of culture is becoming all the more necessary in a world of endless information. Why else the popularity of blogs that claim to act as filters of all the news that’s fit to download?

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