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It’s not water, it’s H2O-y beverage goodness!

I was drinking a bottle of Naya water yesterday and noticed their newly redesigned label: Your hydration partner. Oh lord, I thought it was just water I was drinking. Naya hydration partner comes from Quebec, though it’s owned by Danone. Are all bottled waters owned by giant transnationals now? We better hope tap water holds up, because I’d hate to have to rely on the kindness and pricing policy of Nestle, Coke and Danone.

When people look back at middle class Canada in 20 years, they’ll probably label us The Water Drinkers. “What was with those people, anyway?” they’ll say. “Their tap water was still perfectly safe to drink, but they couldn’t leave the house without a bottle of water. They lived in a country with more access to safe freshwater than just about anywhere else in the world, but they paid all this money for water that came in little bottles which, even if you recycled them, produced toxins. And they did this for their health.”

At a meeting yesterday, someone mentioned that Starbucks now has its own hydration partner called Oxygenated Water Beverage….

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