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The Blog That Ate My Brain

A friend recently pointed out the above blog entry to me. It’s all about how reading, writing, and, more to the point, interacting with blogs has positive effects on brain function. Interesting, but what it really suggests is that a combination of introspection and interaction with other people is what creates innovative, flexible thinking. This is, in a way, what Rousseau was getting at when he talked about the democratic model as a combination of solitary reflection and community debate. Blogging is a sort of rough approximation of this, mediated by technology, and bolstered by the technology of text…reading and writing, rather than talking and viewing. Perhaps though, we’ve long done this, through exchanges of letters, back when people wrote letters. What I like best about that entry though, is the idea of writing which is thoughtful, but not too guarded, which retains immediacy. (Must check out that Max Delbruck ‘principle of limited sloppiness’). That’s the real It spot for any writing, isn’t it? Not being too straightened while we write. It’s all provisional and all bound to be forgotten anyway, bound in a book, or up in a blog, right?

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